A complete kegel trainer!

work hard, train hard, just for wellness!

It’s the workout no one wants to discuss in public—incredibly boring yet with physical benefits that can’t be admired in the mirror or photographed for
Yes, I am talking about the dreaded Kegel workout. As far as exercise routines go, this one can’t make it to the ‘favorites’ lists. However there is new technology aiming
to change all that.

kegel sistalk.jpg

Inserted into vagina, this particular controller is operated with the pelvic muscles, requiring the user to squeeze in order to workout. It is not only important for pelvic health, but studies also find that Kegel exercise can contribute to better orgasms and improve the overall sexual experience for both partners. Easily put, for some women, it can be the difference between a vagina that can “grip” and one that can not.

Doing Kegel exercises strengthens bhbbb.jpgthe pelvic floor. They’re simple clench
and release exercises but it’s important
to know the correct muscles in order for
Kegel exercises to work and not to
contract the muscles of the lower
abdomen, thighs or buttocks while
doing Kegel exercises. To identify the
pelvic floor, squeeze the passages you
use to wee and pass gas.

The pelvic floor muscles run from
your pelvic bone to the base of your
spine, supporting the bladder, bowel
and uterus. They can become weakened
by childbirth, age, weight gaining and
high intensity exercise. A person will see progress in two to four weeks, but should keep up with the exercises for four months to see more of an improvement. It is similar to any other exercise. You have to work with your muscles and a lasting results always take time.



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